Artist: Nicole Voevodin-Cash

Title: Escapespace

Location: Eagle Lane, Brisbane City



Commissioned to complete and install ‘Escapespace’ a temporary public artwork for Eagle Lane, inner Brisbane City. The work became an urban parkland, a respite or ‘folly’ in the grey city space and people’s working life. This landscape covered a laneway, its tributaries extended down the narrow laneway and sprouted geometric furnishings to site and picnic on, all made with artificial turf.
Escapespace is about creating a little green oasis in the heart of the city. Integrated into the fabric of its existing landscape. It is intended to cleverly change our perception of an existing site or what we believe we will find within a grungy backstreet, laneway or cityscape. Consequently by sitting on this work a subversion of the individual’s everyday experience will occur by engaging them on a variety of different sensory levels. Encouraging the passerby to freely engage with the space to lunch, chat, picnic, or have a meeting in this pocket park.

Photos: David Sandison