artist designer and maker of sculpture furniture landscapes installations and experiences that both challenge and play on the interface between the body and the environment

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designer and producer of a range of products for building interiors, exteriors and landscapes

custom made screens

in a range of materials

that create dynamic spaces

cool daytime shade

and nocturnal shadow magic








crafted individual pieces that evoke curiosity laughter and engagement with art the environment and life.

Kangaroo Pt Park A Theatre is Grown – Kevin Wilson

In essence her work has all the emotional resonance and intellectual engagement that an artwork is capable of whilst also drawing from the rich experiences that a public park can provide. Voevodin-Cash is an artist whose materials and work will grow and live on and change well past the length of her own life.  This is her gift as an artist to the future.

Lobby Play – Catalogue Essay Robyn Daw

Voevodin-Cash comments on gender stereotypes, expectations and workplace needs. Identifying a need in our increasingly alienating public spaces for interaction and real experience, Arterial’s reception area – previously unfurnished – has been granted a receptionist and a series of Genoa armchairs. While both these elements would be ideal for the area to function properly, and indeed appear life size and sound,

Nicole Voevodin-Cash: Patterns in the landscape – Robyn Daw

Voevodin-Cash’s concept of the landscape is derived as much from personal experience and observation of it as from any historical knowledge about it. Hers is not a romantic ideal. It is lived and worked. That the landscape in which Voevodin-Cash lives has been fashioned by her is as critical as the manner in which it impinges upon her.

Temperature – Catalogue Essay Julie Walsh

MoB Queensland contemporary sculpture exhibition 2004 Furnished spaces Nicole Voevodin–Cash’s playful practice is furnished with unusual materials, from plastic bags, heaters, lights, batteries, velvet, kangaroo skin, astro turf and living turf to the more...

The LANDscapers Project – Dr Sally Butler

Experiments in Re-locatable Temporary Public Art Introduction The LANDscapers project takes its point of departure from a concept of the artwork as an event rather than an object. The artists, (Nicole Voevodin-Cash and Elizabeth Woods), and audience collaborate in...